Friday, March 20, 2015

Starting over with something new.

Way back in 2012 I started running...for reals...

I ran my first Virtual Half Marathon in June and then in the Fall, I started meeting up with a Moms RUN This Town friend 3-4 days a week to walk/run 3-4 miles with our kiddos in the stroller. We started training for the Cowtown Half Marathon and I started dropping weight. By December, I had lost 35 lbs (this was total since having Sophie, not just in 2-3 months) and I looked the best I had looked in a very long while. Then I ran the Cowtown Half in February of 2013, hurt my hip, stopped running, walked the Dallas Rock N Roll Half a month later and then stopped running for good until August of 2013. I then started trying to pick it up a bit here and there while also participating in Stroller Strides. 

The thing is...I started gaining weight once I stopped running. Didn't matter if I was doing stroller strides. I just kept getting bigger. First it was just 10 lbs. I kept it at that 10 lb weight gain from August until January of 2014. Then I started a new job. I was getting up super early before I went to work so I could run and lift weights while training for the Oklahoma City Half in April of 2014. But it didn't matter. I still kept gaining.

From January 2014-May 2014 I gained 20 lbs.
Every single pound I had worked so hard to lose had come back. Every. Single. Pound.
I was as big as I was when I started Couch to 5K for the very first time in 2010. 
I was so very, very upset. 
I couldn't believe this happened.
I was still working out, yet my body wasn't reacting to it anymore.

When I went to the Peachtree City Diva's Half Marathon in September 2014, I still hadn't lost any of those 20 lbs. Despite having trained for the half. 
I was so embarrassed to be meeting Pam (the amazing woman who created Moms RUN This Town) and all of these amazing Moms RUN This Town ladies I had spent so much time talking to on Facebook. When I saw the race pictures later, I about died. I looked awful. Just miserable. 

I then talked to my hubby and we decided it would be worth the money for me to start Crossfit.
Hence the starting over with something new. 

I started with an On-Ramp week where I was taught the basics.
Good form was the #1 thing I knew I had to work on before even moving on to strength.
I'm pretty sure my coach thought I was a crazy person because I was soooo ready for change I just wanted to go go go!

It's been 6 months today that I did my first WOD (Workout of the Day).
I wish I had written down what I had done so I could see the progress I've made. 

I started writing them all down in February, so I can keep a record.
I have gone from having to squat on a 45lb plate and a medicine ball, to finally be able to squat with weight and with nothing underneath me! It's actually pretty amazing to see what my body can do! I started Deadlifting with having to have plates underneath the bar because I didn't have enough hip flexibility to pick it up from the ground. Now I can pick it up from the ground and Deadlift 210 lbs! That is just amazing to me! I am gaining strength, core strength, and flexibility! I go 5 days a week and if I miss a day...oh man you don't want to be around me! Ha! I crave the workouts and sweat and I look forward to the next workout! I love pushing myself and seeing how much stronger I'm getting! 

It's been 6 months and I have made a lifestyle change.
It's not just "working out" for me anymore.
It's just what I do now. 

It took me 6 months to lose 10 lbs. Yes. I have lost 10 lbs as of today!
I worked HARD for those 10 lbs.
Mentally and Physically hard.
It still makes me a bit upset that it's ONLY 10 lbs in 6 months,
But you know what...
A picture of me in 2013, after the Cowtown Half, popped up on the TimeHop App today. 
I was 35lbs lighter in that picture.
BUT, I look slimmer now than I did then. 
I am 20 lbs. heavier now than in that picture.

Lifting weights and doing HIIT type cardio in Crossfit has completely changed the look of my body. 
Completely. My arms are bigger now, but that's about it. I have a waist now. Which no one else can see yet, but I see it! I have a friend who says she can finally start to see it in my face as well. That is so encouraging. I'm finally starting to see the results that I have been working so very hard for!
I'm hoping my metabolism has finally been kick started and I will just keep dropping weight! 

I still have a long way to go and 100 lbs to my goal weight, but at least I know that I will enjoy my journey along the way! Especially with everyone that I Crossfit with!

Crossfit is changing my life and I am so thankful for all of the amazing coaches that have been so patient in working with me. I've tried my hardest every time I'm there and make sure to show them I am dedicated in doing the best I can!

I can try to get by doing as little as possible there, but the only person I would be hurting is myself!
I tell myself this often! No one else there cares if you skip a round or don't go as heavy as you know you can! You are only hurting and limiting yourself! 

I am not mentally ready to show progress pictures yet, but I will...I will...

I still have my Runners Heart and someday I want to train hard again and beat my Cowtown Half PR.
First I want to get in better shape and drop some weight so I can become faster.
So I hope you continue to follow my journey! 

Thanks for stopping by to read! :)

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Blog! :)

So blogging....
Obviously I've had some trouble with it...

July 22nd marks 4 years that I've had my blog... FOUR YEARS! I know I haven't written on  daily, weekly, or even monthly basis sometimes, but I have shared quite a lot!

I shared how I started running...4 years ago...
I shared how I stopped running because I had a miscarriage...
Then started back running after the miscarriage...
When I ran for 20 minutes straight for the first time ever!...
When we announced we were moving to Fort Worth...
The first time I ran/walked a 10K on 10-10-10...
When we announced we were pregnant :)...
When we announced it was a girl...
Our doggy's 5th Birthday and ultrasound pictures...
And when the Princess arrived...
Our first walk together...
When our puppies passed away...
My very first 5K! :)...
My very first Mothers Day as a Mother Runner!...
My 1st National Running Day and my 100th Post!...
My very 1st Virtual Half Marathon!...
When my Grandma passed away...
When I got my BOB Jogging stroller!...
When I became a #SweatPink Ambassador...
When I became a #GirlsGoneSporty Ambassador....
When I got my 1st Free Entry into a 5K! The 5K FoamFest!...
The Thanksgiving Day 5k where I RAN THE WHOLE TME!...
When I ran my 2nd Virtual Half Marathon...
When I became a Shubeez Ambassador...
When I ran my first Real Half Marathon!!! The Cowtown Half!!!...
When we bought our first house!...
When I ran my 2nd Real Half Marathon! The Dallas Rock N Roll Half...
When I became a School Nurse...
When I became a Train Dirty Fitness Ambassador...
And when I ran my 3rd Real Half Marathon! The Oklahoma City Half!

Wow That all brought back some memories!!!
I can't believe it's been that long. 

I hate to say that I am basically starting over from 4 years ago physically, but mentally, not so much.
It took A LOT of courage for me to get out and start C25K 4 years ago.

Now I see fitness as part of my every day life.
If I'm not running or working out, I'm THINKING about running or working out!

I think I can truly say I have A Runner's Heart now!
Not just a wannabe Runner's Heart like 4 years ago! :)

Thanks for following along with me on my crazy journey I call life!
I hope you will continue to follow me!

If not on my blog, then at least on my Facebook page! :)

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Train Dirty Fitness Ambassador! :)

I just realized that I never shared on my blog when I became a 
Train Dirty Fitness Ambassador! 
That has become one of the most amazing things in my life!
They are an amazing group of inspiring ladies and I can't believe I was chosen to be a part of it!
I was chosen back in November and if you follow me on Facebook, you have seen me post my #PinkWednesday posts!

They are because of Train Dirty Fitness leader, Crystal!

She had a thought that women should boost each other up!
Not tear each other down!
It's all about positivity and showing women that they are Good Enough as they are!
No matter what size or shape!

I love this concept and hope that all of you will join me in posting a pink picture and/or wear something Pink every wednesday!

Don't be the Mean Girls, be an Awesome One instead!

Spread the Love!

Use the hashtags #PinkWednesday and #LeadWithLove!

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon Recap!

Warning: Long post ahead!
I want to remember it all, so I wrote a lot of details! :)
This past Sunday, April 27, 2014, I ran my 3rd half!
It's been a year since I ran the distance, and my body could tell! 
My friend, Becky, and I started the weekend off by driving up to Oklahoma with our daughters. It was only a 3 hour drive, but my child refused to nap until we were almost there, so that made for a long...loud...trip! We all survived and made it to the Expo to pick up our race packets! Apparently, some sort of Art festival was also going on right next door to the expo, so parking was a nightmare. We picked up our packets, walked a bit around the expo, didn't find anything we had to have, and then left!
We stopped at the Art Festival and let the kids have some sweet treats and sat next to the water, where it was nice and pretty. :)

We then went to the hotel and checked in! It was such a nice place!
I had a gorgeous view from my room! :)

The picture doesn't do it justice! 
We got word from the concierge that it may rain and hail that night and let us know they had parking garage for us to park under. That was our first hint of what was to come...

After checking in, we went to dinner!
We decided Pizza sounded great and Becky was familiar with a Pizza place that she said was really good. 

It was soooo good! I know it sounds crazy, but I'm not the biggest fan of Tomato Sauce.
Well, they had an olive oil and garlic sauce they put on the chicken, bacon, cheese pizza and let me just say...I almost devoured the entire small pizza by myself! It was soooooo good! It was a great pre-run carb up! :)

We then went back to the hotel, where we got ready for bed and our husbands showed up.
They were the babysitters for the next morning while we ran! :)

We both got a horrible night's rest. We are pretty sure the air was out in the entire hotel. My hubby and I had the air on 60 and we only had a sheet on the bed by morning, and we were still sweating! It was frustrating! So Becky and I both had only a couple of hours of interrupted sleep. Our girls decided to do a good job of waking us up as well.

We made it to the shuttle stop the next morning around 5:25. While standing there, we got rained on. The shuttle finally showed up close to 6. The race started at 6:30. We made it to the race at about 6:28. .We didn't stress about not making it on time, because we had heard on the shuttle from someone checking facebook that the race was already delayed until 7am.

When we got there, we were told to go into a parking garage and wait out the storm that was over us.
So we sat in a parking garage while watching some of the other runners and spectators run around in the rain waiting to hear when the race would start.

We received another delay time of 7:15. Then 7:45. Then 8. We saw plenty of lighting while sitting in there. No one could even get a cell signal out. We found out later that the OKC Marathon website had crashed while everyone was on waiting for updates. I finally got one text out to Becky's husband saying it was delayed start. Later, I found out my hubby had seen it on the news that morning. Finally at 8AM they said 15 more minutes. Everyone headed to the entrance of the parking garage to get out of there. The wind had picked up even more at this time and it was almost cold. But still very humid. 

We heard them start the race and Becky and I did not cross over the start line until 8:30. It was a big mess at the start, but at least we got to go!

I was questioning everything at this point. I had only had a banana that morning, thinking I would be almost done by 8:30. I was beginning to get hungry!I kept saying, we should just do the 5K! Only half joking! :)

Then we were off! Becky took off, since she is super fast.
I started off slow, knowing I didn't have much energy to begin with and didn't want to use it all in the first mile. I ran the first mile. Then started my 1 min run, 1 min walk intervals. I did those for the next 4 miles. I stopped around mile 4 for a potty break. That seemed to be the only one I needed! Even with all of the water and Gatorade I was drinking. 

I was very fortunate that they had so many water stations. Plus they had banana's oranges, and the occasional pretzel at so many of the water stops! 

I still had a bad headache at the end though. I could tell I was a bit dehydrated. After the clouds and rain passed, it got hot. Quickly. And the sun was beating down. Several of the spectators in the neighborhoods actually turned their sprinklers on for us! It was really nice!

This was the race with truly the BEST spectators I have seen or heard at a race! I know it was only my 3rd, but there was some serious support out there! Screaming, cowbells, sprinklers, people handing out chocolate! It was really, really great!

I made 2 friends a long the way. One of them was walking her 2nd OKC Half. She had her daughter and a friend with her, but they were both running and had left her behind. They were all 3 twinkies and matched in bright green, so when I saw her daughter and friend at the finish line, I knew she was with them and told them that she wasn't far behind me! We had just made it up and down a hill together, when she said "I think that's the last hill! Now watch, there will be a big one as soon as we turn the next corner."  Sure enough, we turned a corner and there was another big one! We laughed at that and then quickly realized it was not even close to the last one!

The other friend, this was her first half! She was doing so good and she actually passed me at the end! I even saw her at the finish and got to congratulate her on her first half! 

After mile 5, I mostly walked. I would run down every single hill (and yes there were SEVERAL) and I know that saved my time some. I just had to take advantage of the downhills! Those up hills were killin me! 

The scenery was beautiful, and it really ended up being a gorgeous day, except for the wind. We got to run right towards their Capital building!

At the finish, I gave it my all and pushed through. 
I was so happy to run over that line and get that medal!
I felt it was definitely a medal earned that day!

As we walked through the finisher chute, They had a huge spread of food!
I had myself 2 E.L. Fudge cookies, a rice crispie treat, and a couple of vanilla wafers. It was all so yummy! Later I found out they had cheeseburgers too, but that didn't exactly sound good at the time. lol :)

At the end of the chute, you walked towards the Memorial for all those who lost their lives on April 19, 1995. It was very moving and I loved seeing all of the runners who were dedicating their runs to the victims or victims families. 

There were 26,000 runners who crossed the finish line that day. 
And I know they all had the memorial on their mind.

I forgot to mention that I was so afraid that my phone was going to die, that I did not take a single picture. I took it out 3 times. Once to text Becky's husband at the beginning about the delay. (I was already at 88% battery and I hadn't even touched my phone since I took it off the charger at 5:20AM) Once at mile 6.5 to tell my husband that I was half way done and that I was at 66% battery and I would not be answering texts, and then at the finish to tell Becky I was done. I was at 44% at this time. Then I got lost trying to go to the shuttles and ended up 5 blocks away from the shuttles. So that's 10 blocks I had to walk to finally find the shuttles. Yes, 10 more blocks after just finishing 13 miles. I was in so much pain. I was not a happy camper by this point. I finally found the shuttle and got on and was just so happy to be sitting. I texted Becky that I found the shuttle and returned 2 texts and my battery was at 41% and it died. Also forgot to mention that my on/off button doesn't work either. So I was out of luck until I made it to the hotel.

When I reached the hotel, Becky, her daughter and my daughter were right in front getting some things out of their van. I got to walk off the shuttle and see my little girls pretty smile! It made all that pain go away! :)

I went up to the hotel room, took a shower and started to feel so much better.
Becky took the girls down to swim in the hotel pool, while I got ready to go.
Sophie had a BLAST!

After they wore themselves out swimming, we headed home!
Sophie took a great nap then! 
It was a great and fast 2 days!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Life Update! :)

Hello Again!
I've been working for over a month now and I'm really enjoying the job!
I have been sick with one thing or another most of the time. I've heard it come with the job! When you work with kids (especially as the school nurse who sees ALL of the sick kids!) you are bound to catch everything until your immune system builds up! 
It's definitely come with some family adjustments, but I think my hubby and daughter have both started to adjust well! My daughter is staying with her Aunt 3 days a week and I'm pretty sure she loves it! My niece is almost 10 months old and she loves playing with her! 

I've actually been doing really great on my Iron Bombshell workouts!!
I am LOVING them actually!
I'm on week 5 and I can feel myself getting stronger!
I'm up to squatting with 50 lbs on my back!
I love me some squats! :)

I started Half Marathon training again this past Thursday!
It's for the Oklahoma City Half in April! :) I'm hoping I can get some good training in before this half so I won't hurt myself again.
I should be getting me some new running shoes next week and I can't wait!
It's long over due and I'm hoping for some bright, fun ones this time!
That's hard to find with my big,  size 11 feet! :)

I'm also trying to go to Stroller Strides classes more!
They have an evening class on Tuesday's and Thursday's for those of us who can't make it in the mornings. They also have a Saturday morning class!
I taught the Saturday morning class this past Saturday and it was fun!
I still enjoy teaching It as well! :)
I can't wait until the summer where I can go in the mornings again! :)

Well That's just about caught you up!
If I'm not working, playing with Sophie, cleaning the house, doing laundry or dishes, you will find me sleeping! 
Getting up at 5AM to workout makes you sleepy! 
As well as chasing a 2 1/2 year old around! :)

I couldn't ask for a better life though! :)

Have a great week everyone! :)

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